President's Block


It's been our tradition to make each year's outgoing president a quilt block of their choice.

Jane has chosen to make a bookshelf quilt. She wants you to make at least three books for her bookshelf. The books can be any color except black or solid white, the background should be solid black only.

First, cut strips for your books, anywhere from one inch (unfinished) to 2½ (unfinished), and anywhere from 5 to 11 inches long.(unfinished).

I think these strips to the left were 1¼, 1½, and 1¾. They'll be some skinny books.

You'll put your name as author, and a book title on the middle book, so it needs to be less 'busy' of a fabric so your writing will show up.

Next, sew solid black background strips to the top of each book, like the picture to the right.

Whatever width you cut your book, your background strip should be as wide.

Your book strip and your background black strip need to total a bit more than 12½ inches. I made mine too long, on purpose, then trimmed them later.

Next, sew your three books together. I matched these along the bottom, and let the background black be uneven at the top.

Finally, trim the books so that they are 12½ tall, like I did on the picture below.

It doesn't matter how wide they are.If you want, you can make me more than three books, they're easy!

The last thing you need to do is put a title and your name on the middle book. You can embroider it, or write it with a dark pigma pen.

My Janome does some plain block letters that I was able to use, that's fine too. (for an example, see Quilts of Valor on the red book in the last picture.)

Make yourself the author of the book. Example: Life with a Siamese by Jane Jacobson. Can you think of a cute title for YOUR book?

The instructions above are for your basic three books. If you want to do more books, or something more creative, please feel free.

Books can lean to the right or left if you insert black triangles on either side of the book strip.

Books can have stripes of contrasting fabric along the spine, like the purple bits I added to the blue book, or the gold bit I added to the sunflower book.

If you want to applique small pictures or letters or objects on the spine of any of your books, that's okay too, an example is the cowboy boot on the solid royal blue book to the left.

I'm also putting realistic looking, realistic sized, fabric objects on my bookshelf. Can you think of anything that would look nice on a bookshelf? Add it for me! Have fun!

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