October/November 2015

Peony and Two Lilies

Two paper pieced blocks this month. You'll be able to work on both at retreat!

The peony makes a 9 inch block, and the two lilies are both 6 inch blocks.

I've made a pdf for each, see below.

Here's the block. It finishes at 9 inches, so when you finish paper piecing it, trim it to 9½ inches.

The petals can all be the same color, two different colors (see above) or each petal a different color.

The triangles can be greenery, or you can color them as additional petals.

Your choice!


Please remember when you print a pdf that you remember to set page scaling to none, or UNCHECK fit to page, however your computer offers that choice.

The lily is a six inch block. Trim them to 6½ inches.

You'll need to make two of them for the quilt. They can be the same or different colors. Do you want the colors mirror images or not?

Here's the pdf.


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