June 2014

Block of the Month - Feathered Star


Let's get that big feathered star done and out of the way.

It's a 24 inch finished block. That means the center square that's turquoise in the example to the left, is just a tad over eight inches square.

Since that's the biggest square in a quilt otherwise filled with small pieces, I'll also offer an option to put another star there.

Paper piecing again, folks. That's the best way to get those feathers accurate.

Here's the link to print the pages:


Important! Before you click print, please make sure that the options on your print dialog box that might say something like "fit to page" or "shrink to fit" are NOT checked.

This will be the corner unit. You'll need to print four of the large square with the triangles attached.

You'll also need four of the long strips. I was able to get two long strips on a page, so only print two of that page, get it? :)

These are the edge units. You need four sets of them too.

Sew the five small triangles first, then attach them to the pentagon that's shaped like home base. Then sew the square to the five small triangles, and attach the larger triangle.

Attach that to the pentagon piece, then last, sew the triangle (that's red on the diagram) to make a square edge unit.

You'll have a choice about that center unit. If you want a plain square to do fancy quilting, cut an eight and one eighth inch square.

If you have a pretty spring fabric, you could also fussy cut a printed motif or scene to go in that space.

Or, if you're like me and like to piece, you can put another smaller star inside your feathered star.

Whatever you put there has to be eight and one eighth before it's sewn in. Weird size, right?

So, since the center square has to be a weird size, the triangles and squares used to make the little star are weird sizes too.

I'm not sure I'm going to stick with these colors, but I did notice as I was playing on EQ that the feathers looked nicer if they were a fairly dark color, for contrast.

MUCH easier to paper piece this little center unit, if you choose to do that.


Here's the link to the pattern for the center star only:


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