July 2015

Seminole Strip

For July, we're making the long strip that goes across the bottom of our quilt.

The quilt before borders is 48 inches across, so our strip needs to be that long.

It doesn't matter how wide the strip is, since it goes all the way across, it doesn't have to fit with any other blocks. :)


I've chosen to use slightly different measurements than the example above. First, I cut five strips the length of my fabric. Two for the outer color, two for the accent color, and one for the middle color. Then I sewed them together in a long strip set like the example below.

You'll probably need two length of fabric strip sets, chopped and resewn, to make one Seminole strip that's 48 inches long. Your mileage may vary though!

My yellow strip was 1½ inches wide,

My turquoise strips were 1 inch wide,

And my pink strips were 2¼ inches wide, a bit bigger than needed, so there's plenty of room for trimming and seam allowances.

I pressed the accent color IN, because it was darker.

Next, use your rotary cutter and ruler to slice your strip set into segments like the one on the left.

If you use different sizes for your strips than I used above, just remember, the MIDDLE color needs to be a SQUARE. So since my yellow strip was 1½ inches wide, my segments are cut at 1½ inches as well.

In the example in the quilt at the top of the page, the middle and the accent color were the same size. If you like that look better, cut the middle strip 2 inches, the accent color two inches, and the outer color 2¼ inches, then cut your segments 2 inches wide, because that middle color needs to be square.

Finally, sew your segments together, matching the accent color top seam with the middle color top seam, staggering the bits so there is a jagged edge on the outside.

Last, take a ruler and trim the jagged bits off, so you have a straight edge top and bottom. If you cut the outermost color wider like I do, you should have some extra room for error.

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