August 2015

Lamb and Duck

For August, we're making the applique lamb and duck blocks.

The lamb is on a 9 x 9 finished square in the quilt. Cut the background color 10 x 10 and trim it when done to 9½.

The duck is on a 6 x 9 inch finished square. Cut your background color 7 x 10, then trim to 6½ x 9½.


I'll be using machine applique for mine, because I'm not a fan of hand sewing. Feel free to use whatever technique you prefer!

Both of these designs are from EQ files. If you don't like ducks and lambs, any block finishing at nine inches can be substituted for the lamb, and any block finishing at six by 9 can be substituted for the duck.

Here's the pdf templates for the lamb and duck pieces:

I'm probably going to satin stitch the hooves, eyes and nose, maybe even the beak, rather than applique them on separate.

BUT, all the little pieces are on the pdf, in the size you'd need.

By all means, if you like to applique little bits, go for it!

I'll probably also make the duck legs a bit thinner and the beak a little more ducklike.

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